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Jamestown parking nonsense

For those of us who live here on Saint Helena permanently, we all realise that this little island is as unique as you will get! It’s unique in its culture, the traditions are unique, and the people are unique…everything is different from what visitors, including TC workers, might be used to. Driving on the island is also unique because the roads are unique, nowhere in the world will there be an accepted rule that you give way to traffic coming up the hill. There are a couple of exceptions to this rule on Ladder Hill, but us know where the opposite rule is applied. You have to live and learn how things go on Saint Helena. Fortunately, we have virtually no accidents & virtually no pedestrians have been knocked down, we all take a bit of care, and life ticks along at its gentle, unhindered pace. Us chilled! Now listen, now…I went downtown last week and saw untidy, messy sandbags holding up these red & white plastic things and a bunch of half-tidy wooden signs: Really, any need? By Sunday morning, the wind had blown through town and some of these signs were lay all over the pavements, poor old Henry was gingerly stepping over them as he plodded up the hill past Thorpe’s grocery shop, trying not to fall and break his neck! You know, those signs is bloody untidy and dangerous. Us trying to clean up Jamestown, (in case they hadn’t noticed), and whilst saying that, us know what double yellow lines mean, putting up red & white plastic crap ain’t going to teach us what we already know. Facts are facts, there ain’t nowhere else to park, so us park on the yellow lines, nobody getting hurt, it’s been this way forever! I think the point I’m trying to make is that parking in Jamestown has been like it is for years. Everyone knows the drill, and where to park without being an obstruction, even if there is a double yellow line. We all know what to do and what not to do…well 99 % of us anyway, there are a few plonkers who act a bit selfish from time to time, but for the most part, we all handle it! That’s it, smile, raise a hand and smile nicely one

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