Agony aunt

Our very own Agony Aunt

Hello yo’all…we have some great news. “We have a new regular feature starting this week. It’s taken 3 months, but we’ve managed to find our very own Agony Aunt, Dr. Bonnie Blush. We had this out on the internet and already, a few early letters came flying through the inbox…” We seriously needed to get all pof Dr. Bonnie’s credentials in place, also we checked up on her vetting status, criminal record and we even contacted her references. We don’t want her leaving island before her contract done come up!

We also had incredible feedback from “Us looking Sexy.” If we can find some volunteers, I will try to twist an arm or two at the place where wrong decisions can be made…Project number 1…THE POST OFFICE, which was described by local favourite vet Joe Hollins as a huge Elastoplast!! LOL!

Top Comments:

John Clifford: Must be honest, it is a real shame to see what was a tidy and reasonably well looked after place, going to the dogs. And yet claiming to want tourism to take off. Tourists won’t come to a tip, they want pretty and clean.  Painting of stone buildings (ie: most of Jamestown and lots more) is not just to make it look pretty, but also serves to protect the walls from dampness. Left long enough stuff WILL start falling down.. Filling potholes in roads prevents them from undermining the road structure (Sidepath??). Not for nothing did the older folk say ‘A stitch in time saves nine’.

Joanna Crowie: For years now we have talked ‘upkeep of the infrastructure’, the significance of doing so – Saints on and off-shore! At the rate of neglect and decay, everything will be ‘no-go’ all at once; the crunch will come if nothing begins to happen pretty soon.

Retired medical professional writes in… “Boost Your immune system”…sadly no oranges!

Pass the Plo!

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