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Jamestown parking nonsense

For those of us who live here on Saint Helena permanently, we all realise that this little island is as unique as you will get! It’s unique in its culture, the traditions are unique, and the people are unique…everything is different from what visitors, including TC workers, might be used to. Driving on the island…

Agony aunt
Our very own Agony Aunt

Hello yo’all…we have some great news. “We have a new regular feature starting this week. It’s taken 3 months, but we’ve managed to find our very own Agony Aunt, Dr. Bonnie Blush. We had this out on the internet and already, a few early letters came flying through the inbox…” We seriously needed to get…

The Editors note and more

Issue 11 of the saint will be hitting the shops this Thursday. After rattling some cages and unintentionally pinching some nerves, we are going to get back on track by reporting some hope, instead of the normal doom & gloom. A heartfelt editor’s note as usual and quarantine regulation ends on Monday the 8th  August….


“The Saint”, or quite simply “The Yarn”, will give you up-to-date coverage of the local ‘Street Talk’. We will, of course, cover the news headlines in about 3-4 lines, we don’t want to copy and paste the same things from one week to the next, do we? We will ask questions & ask for opinions, replies will be published, Tell us what you think about any local topic.

We hope to look at current affairs in a more local kind of way, discussions on local, up-to-date topics without pages of waffle which, let’s face it, nobody reads!

We love pictures, crisp, clear images of local folk with a quick, few lines on who and what and where from, perhaps what ya doing…What’s Happening? Don’t get me wrong, this ain’t no big colour publication like Gozzip, but rather a quick read on the porcelain throne for a few pence to help us good folk move forward!!
Looking forward to your letters & comments.…. Pass the Plo!!